BOGO FREE Peeler Card Restrictions:

Axtion is proud to be a supporter of the BOGO Peeler Card fundraiser through Big Brothers Big Sisters by offering a BOGO Free General Admission. Please see the limitations of this offer on the center of the peeler card as well as stated below...

*The "Buy One" portion must be purchased with Cash or Debit.

*Axtion gift cards CANNOT be used for the Buy One portion.

*BOGO free admission is for REGULAR GENERAL ADMISSION RATES ONLY with a maximum value of $20 but if using for our Friday Evening special from 7-11pm (get 8 free ride tickets with paid admission), the second person can get in for free, but not receive 8 tickets free.

*If you have two children with two different entry price levels, (age 4 and under is $10 and age 5 and over is $20, for example), the higher price admission must be purchased to receive the second child for free.

*BOGO free peeler sticker is good for one free admission per one paid admission per sticker.

*BOGO Free CAN be used for 8 free Ride Tickets when you pay cash or debit for the first admission.

*BOGO Free CAN be used for 8 free Ride Tickets when you purchase 8 Ride Tickets for $20 with Cash or Debit, not with an Axtion gift card.