After School Program


Transportation provided form the following Schools...

Holy Trinity Elementary

Juniper Ridge Intermediate

MQP Elementary

Registration info.

Prior to open registration, we are asking interested parties to email with the following information;

SUBJECT LINE: Name of your school, and "After School Program"

BODY OF EMAIL: Name(s) and grade(s) of your child(ren), the time of day you will be picking up your children from Axtion, as well as if you need morning transportation and the time you will need to drop your child off at Axtion.

We will put your name on a "First to Call" list when we are open for registration, before we open the registration to the public. 

Already with an after school program?

No worries. If you want to start your after school program at Axtion but are with another program now, simply put in your 4 week notice and register for our program which starts on Jan. 5/20. If you are charged a cancellation fee, don't let that make you feel like you don't have the option to move, simply show us proof of the amount you were charged and Axtion will credit your account to a maximum equivalent to the last two weeks free at the end of the Axtion After School Program. 

Therefore you have nothing to lose but a lot to gain with the benefits of all the physical activities and rides at Axtion.

Why Axtion for an After School Program?

Ask your kids if they would like to go to Axtion for an after school program. Their reaction should be reason enough alone, but let me explain why.

When I was a kid growing up in Portugal Cove, my after school time was spent climbing rocks and trees, jumping from rock to rock in the river, walking trails in the woods, pretending to be walking a tight rope while walking and balancing myself on my neighbour's fence, playing tag, and other outdoor adventurous activities.

Today's risky outside play is now looked at as dangerous, hence limiting your child's imagination to the limitations of the after school program you are with within a small crowded area. According to David Suzuki's Nature of Things program, "The Power of Play", ( see link below), this has been part of the reason why children today are less active, more shy, lower self confidence and have greater chances of developing anxiety as they get older.

I wanted to re-create my outside childhood fun in a safe but still challenging environment. Over the past seven years of operating Axtion, I have seen huge positive confidence building in hundred's of children, including my two daughters, going from the fear of trying to climb and jump, to now having full confidence and self esteem to do it all.

The Power of Play

Do you want your child to develop confidence, self esteem, and lower their chances of injury and developing anxiety? Then watch this episode of CBC's The Nature of Things with David Suzuki called "The Power of Play" to see how powerful play REALLY is, and how damaging the lack of play can BE on your child's development.

If you don't have time to watch the full episode (which I feel you will want to watch it all), then make sure you watch from the 25 minute mark to the end. 

Basic info about Axtion's After School Program:


This is a tentative list of basic information about our After School Program and is subject to change.

A more detailed list will be coming in the near future.

  • START TIME: January 5, 2020
  • SCHOOLS: Holy Trinity Elem., Juniper Ridge Intermediate and MQP.
  • TRANSPORTATION: We will bus students from these schools to Axtion.
  •  SNACKS: Will not be included, but canteen menu will be available for hot food purchases.
  • RIDES AND ATTRACTIONS: Unlimited access to all rides and attractions included.
  • STAFFING: All attractions will me staffed, as well as extra staff to do structured activities and games.
  • AGES: Grades Kindergarten - Grade 6. All participants must be able to use washroom facilities on their own.
  • CLOSED TO PUBLIC: Axtion will be closed to the public from 2:30pm-5:30pm Monday-Friday for the After School Program excluding holidays and PD Days.
  • PRICE: $95.00 for the first child per week, payable on a Bi-weekly bases, ($190.00 bi-weekly), and $85.00 for each additional child ($170.00 bi-weekly) and must be paid two weeks in advance. 
  • PD Days: Add $30 per child, drop off 9am.

More details to come, this is just a basic guideline.